Ndax Quantum System

The Ndax Quantum System runs over the Ndix Internet Exchange of the University of Twente and works online as well as offline over all Infrastructures.

The Ndax Quantum System supports Informaton-Theoretic Security and Privacy, Intrusion detection and prevention based on Quantum Technology.

On Surfnet all dutch universities and research institutes are connected. In SurfNet Service Level Specifications (SLS) and Agreements (SLA) it is agreed that confidential information is exchanged via offline media.

Support of on- and offline media, usage of true quantum randomness and the combination of intrusion detection, prevention and provable information-theoretic security and privacy makes the Ndax Quantum System unique in the world.

Validation of PhD-Research

One of the applications of the Ndax Quantum System on the Ndix Internet-Exchange of the University Twente is independent validation of research.

More then 2000 PHD thesises and defenses have been validated the last decade using the Ndax Quantum System.

Defenses are coded using a semantic network model.

The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research was developed based on validations of PhD-research which is obligatory for research on all dutch Universities and is used to validate PhD-research since October 2018.

Background information of the Ndax Quantum System

Design Science for the Ndax Quantum System

Physical Layer Security

Information-Theory and Network Coding

Information-Theoretic Prover XITIP

Ndax Quantum Challenge-Response Protocol

Ndax Quantum System Demonstrator for MacOS

Ndax Quantum System supports the University Standard for secure E-Mail

Some photos of a Ndax Quantum System Client at PHD Defenses

Photo 1: PHD Defense 2020-03-04
Photo 2: PHD Defense 2020-02-27
Photo 3: PHD Defense 2019-03-22

Background info why systems like the Ndax Quantum System are necessary

Espionage Technology

Malicious Software

Operation Rubicon

Minerva Report

Operations Glotaic and Eikonal

Transit Traffic Interception

State Trojans